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  • IFCA`s 9th International Chefs Conference, 2023 will be a curtain raiser event in the culinary industry about "Co-creating Inclusive Local Organic Food systems".

  • The main purpose is to create awareness among the culinarians and all concerned about Organic food, as the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers welfare, Government of India is the key partner in the Congress.

  • The congress will have eye opener sessions for motivating and educating various professionals - Nutritionists, Dieticians, Medical Professionals, Food technologists, etc.

  • The deserving culinary professionals would be recognized with appropriate rewards and awards.

  • Chefs will be Inspired to create tantalizing recipes that satiates all the senses not just to the palate.

  • Delegates get to interact with a wide spectrum of Celebrity Chefs, eminent speakers and panelists as well as get exposed to the latest International culinary trends.

  • Science and art of taste, sustainability, Hygiene, Sanitation and Technology will be the highlights of the event.

  • The Young Chefs can learn from acclaimed culinary experts.

  • The congress will help in understanding and focusing on self sustaining kitchens/cuisine and creating a range of sustainable cuisines and practices.

  • The conference will provide opportunities for networking into global connections and friendship among the global culinary fraternity

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