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Siddhesh Ramdas Jagtap

AISSMS College of Hotel management and Catering technology

Cinnamon Churros with Hot chocolate

Spanish cuisine


1 Flour 125gm

2 Butter - 110gm

3 Egg - 3nos

4 Sugar - 50gm

5 water - 240ml

6 Dark chocolate - 150gm

7 Cocoa powder - 12gm

8 Milk - 200 ml

9 Cream - 20gm

10 Corn flour - 3gm

11 Cinnamon powder - 5gm

12 Castor sugar - 25gm


Take water, butter, sugar in a vessel and put it on heat, when the mixture reaches to boil add flour slowly and mix it. 

After adding flour it forms dough, then put the dough in another container and let it cool.

Then add eggs slowly and keep mixing till it combines well.

After getting the mixture in perfect form let it rest for 5 minutes.

Now fill the dough in piping having star shape nozzle.

Pipe it into strips in hot oil directly, fry until golden brown.

Drain the churros, then roll in cinnamon sugar.  

Hot chocolate: - Take a saucepan add milk, sugar, cocoa powder and dark chocolate and put it on heat, when the mixture reaches to boil add cream and stir it well.

Then make corn flour slurry and add into it to make the hot chocolate thicker in texture.

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