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Abid Shaikh

student of IHM GOA

Abid Shaikh


united kingdom

Abid Shaikh

Farina European whole wheat flour- 2 cup-400g

refined flour- 2 cup-400g

water-1¾ cup-500ml

yeast-1¾ tsp10g


walnut-½ cup-100g

dates or raisen-½ cup50g

coffee powder1 tbsp15g

sugar1 tbsp15g


1.Take medium warm water add active dry yeast and mix it well 2.Add sugar and mix well 3.Add the mixture in Farina whole wheat flour add refined into it and add fine coffee powder and mix well and knead until gluten activates 4.after kneading add crushed walnuts raisin (optional) and dates into it and knead properly 5.Allow the dough for proofing for 1- 2 hrs and 6.after proofing knead once and shape in desired and cover with mist cloth for around 30 minutes 7.bake the dough for around 35-45 minutes under 170'c or 400'f Bread is ready after it comes under room temperature

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