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Chef Arun

Food Craft Institute Aligarh Uttar Pradesh

Chef Arun


South Indian Cuisine

Chef Arun

For pasta dough


egg- 200gm

salt to taste

turmeric powder- a pinch

vinegar- 1/2 tea spoon

oil- 1/2tea spoon

For recipe

mastard seed- 1/2 tea spoon

cumin seed- 1/2 tea spoon

red chilli whole- 2to 3 no

curry leaves- 3to 4 no

garlic- 1tea spoon

ginger- 1tea spoon

onion-1 no medium

green coriander- 1/2bunch

red bell pepper- 1no small

yellow bell pepper- 1no small

green capsicum- 1no small

salt to taste

madrass curry powder- 1tea spoon

coconut milk powder- 1table spoon

oil for cooking- 90ml



for pasta dough

1.A Bowl add the European flour add the egg, Salt, vinegar, oil and proper mix it then add little-2 water and start to knead it and stretch to 15 to 20 minutes make a smooth dough. And dough full roll it then cut into long strips (ribbon shape) and boil it 6 to 7 minutes

2.Heat a pan add oil then add cumin seed,mastard seed, cumin seed,red chilli whole, curry leaves, to the crackle then add fine chopped ginger, garlic, green chilli, onion to saute for 2 mins.then add cut into juline red, yellow and green bell pepper saute for 2 to 3 mins then add salt, Madras curry powder add little water cook to 2 to 3 mins.Add the coconut milk powder cook to 2 to 3 mins.then add the pasta and cook for 2 mins.And garnish for green coriander then serve hot

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