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Chef Katyayani Bhargava

KIPPIS By Indigrains

Chef Katyayani Bhargava

Truffled Mushroom Pierogi with Pumpkin Veloute and Basil oil (Vegan)

Polish Cuisine

Chef Katyayani Bhargava


1 European 00 Flour Sifted 200 gm

2 Water Hot water 110-115 ml

3 Salt 1/4 tsp

4 Olive oil 1 tsp

Mushroom Ragu Filling

1 Onion Fine chopped 40 gm

2 Garlic Fine chopped 15-20 gm

3 Thyme 1/4 tsp

4 Button mushroom sliced 250 gm

5 Dry Shiitake mushroom

(optional for umami)

(soaked) 2-3 pcs

6 Activated Cashew Butter (homemade) 2 tbsp

7 All purpose flour 15 gms

8 Water 1/2 cup

9 Black pepper to taste

10 Salt to taste

11 truffle oil 1 tbsp

12 Fresh basil 8-10 leaves

Pumpkin Veloute

1 Yellow Pumpkin peeled and diced 350 gm

2 Garlic Fine chopped 30 gm

3 Onion Fine chopped 50 gm

4 Sage dried 1 tsp

5 Bay leaves 2 leaves

6 White pepper 1 tsp

7 Chilli flakes 1/2 tsp

8 Tabasco 1/2 tspn

9 Vegetable stock concentrated 200 ml

10 Salt to taste

11 Refined oil 3 tbsp

12 All purpose flour 1 tbsp

Basil oil

1 Fresh basil 1 cup

2 Extra virgin olive oil 80 ml


1 Cherry tomato

2 Toasted Hazelnut

3 Basil oil

4 Microgreens (optional)

5 Edible flowers (optional)


First take the pumpkin, half of the chopped garlic, bay leaves, white pepper powder and oil, mix together and put it in a foil parcel and roast at 180 degree celcius for 30-40 minutes.

Make the pierogi dough, by mixing the salt in the flour by using sifting method and then knead with hot water to make a firm dough, then add oil and knead well and let it rest.

In a pan saute the sliced button and shiitake mushrooms and let it cool down, once at room temperature chop it fine.

In the same pan add oil followed by onion, garlic and thyme, saute then add flour and water, to make thick sauce , add the fine chopped mushroom, 4

cashew butter.

To the mushroom pan add truffle oil, fresh basil and fix the seasoning with salt and pepper. 6 Once the pumpkin is cooked, blitz in the blender after removing the bay leaves.

To make the pumpkin sauce take a pan and saute herbs and onion, garlic, chilli flakes, then add the flour followed by the stock and pumpkin puree. 8 Add tabasco and fix with seasoning with salt and pepper, let it simmer for a 5 minutes. Once cooked, strain the sauce.

To make the pierogi roll out the dough into approx 2mm thick sheet and cut out circles using a cookie cutter.Spoon out little mushroom filling on each circle and fold the dough into a half moon shape and fork the edges.

Meanwhile to make basil oil, blanch and shock fresh basil in boiling water and squeeze out the excess moisture, then blitz it with chilled olive oil to retain the bright green colour while blitzing, once the basil ad oil form a homogeneous puree strail through a muslin cloth and fill it in a squeezy bottle.

Boil water in a deep saucepan and add salt and oil to it. Drop in the pierogi and boil for 2 mins or until the dumplings are cooked and floating at the

surface, strain and refresh. Take a slight deep plate spoon the hot pumpkin sauce, and place the boiled pierogis over it. 12 Drizzle the basil oil generously, top the pierogi with quartered cherry tomatoes and hazelnuts.

Use some microgreens and edible flowers for garnishing, serve hot.

Thank You!

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