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Chef Suresh

Culinary Academy of India

Chef Suresh

"Euro'n'dian Vadapav
Mumbai Vadapav with the European Twist "

Euro Indians

Chef Suresh

Flour 250gm

Sugar 15gm

Salt 6gm

Yeast 7gm

Butter 15gm

Bread Prover 3gm

Water 155ml

Potato - 150gm

Garlic 10gm

Basil -50gm

Parmesan Cheese 30gm

Pine Nuts 25gm

Olive Oil 60ml

Thyme 5gm

Oregano 5gm

Crushed Paper 5gm

Gram Flour 100gm

Water 100ml


1. Boil potato, peal and crush them.

2. Make a tempering with oil garlic thyme, oregano, mix the potato along with it. Season them with salt and crush pepper.

3. Make a slurry of gram flour and make a fritters with small portions of potato by dipping it in slurry. Deep fry it.

4. Make a dough by mixing flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water & Bread prover, make a soft dough of it and keep it for first prooving.

5. Make a pesto by blending basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese & oil togther.

6. After first prooving of the dough roll the sheet of dough and spread the pesto over it, place the potato fritters on it & fold it like a loaf.

7. Proove the bread for second time by scoring on the bread.

8. Bake the bread on the temperature of 200 for 25 minutes.

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