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Chiluveri Shiva Sai Kumar

Chiluveri Shiva Sai Kumar



Chiluveri Shiva Sai Kumar

Flour- 250gms

Sugar- 150gms

Salt- 10gms

Yeast- 8gms

Warm water-150ml

Chicken- 250gms

Oil- 50gms

Red chilli powder- 5gms

Ginger garlic paste- 5gms

Garam masala- 5gms

  • Sift the flour.

  • Add sugar salt yeast to it.

  • Add warm water and wix well.

  • Then keep it aside by applying oil for rest for 15 to 25 minutes.

  • Then cut into two pieces.

  • With one piece make a base And add cheese and add 50% off 60% cooked meet In Centre and cheese on it.

  • With the help of the second dough close the Meet and Roll the outer layer.

  • Then apply the pizza sauce to it.

  • Add grated cheese to it.

  • Add leaf on it And add little beetle of grated cheese on it.

  • Bake the pizza 15 to 18 minutes at 200°C.

  • After baking apply oil to the pizza.

  • Cut with the pizza cutter and you can have it.

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