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Dhum Singh

The palm court

Dhum Singh

Home made pasta (Gurza with marinara sauce )

Eastern European cuisine From Ajarbaijan

Dhum Singh

Dough making

1 Refind Flour- 400gm

2 Egg- 1nos

3 Water- 180ml


1 Mince meat- 300gm

2 Onion- 80gm

3 Salt- 10gm

4 Pepper- 5gm

5 Butter- 100gm

6 Cialentro

For Cooking

1 stock water- 100ml

2 Butter- 100gm

3 Chop garlic- 50gm

4 Brown onion- 10gm

5 Pepper- 10gm

6 Salt- 10gm

7 Bell Pepper 15gm

8 Cialentro 5gm

9 Marinara Sauce 250gm

10 Cheese 20gm

1 Lettuce 7gm

2 Finger cutting 3gm

3 chopped pepper 5gm


DOUGH N MAKE ROUNDLE----Sieve the refind flour and salt onto a large surface or bowl . Make a hole in middle and add the egg n water and make a dough . Place a dough on towl and cover with clinfilm and rest for 15 minute into the fredge. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 1.5 mm add flour when rolling out if dough is sticky. Cut rounds approx. 8cm in dia. in rolles out dough .

MAKE FILLING------- Mix mince meat and onion with adding salt n pepper fry the mix with butter on the pan until allmost untill cook. Strring frequently and set aside to cool.

STUFFING N BOILING ------ Mince meat mixture into the middle of each circule bring the sides to gether and pinch together across the top. Bring a large pan of water to the boil add salt place a Gurza in a pan of boiling water and cook for 10 minute at a rolling water.

FINISHED------Take a pan add butter , choped garlic , brown onion , add seasoning salt n pepper strring frequently add marinara sauce and finished with cheese. Grnished with lettuce and m. cut of veg.

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