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Febi Joseph

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Febi Joseph

Spicy Pumpkin Gnochi


Febi Joseph

Semolina di Grano Duro- 0.180kg

PumpkinPeeled diced- 0.240kg

Egg- 55gm sized1number

Salt- 0.008kg

Olive oil- 0.045ltr

Cinnamon Powder- 0.001Kg

Milk- 0.060ltr

Baking Powder- 0.002kg

Basil Leaves Fresh - 4sprigs

Cream- 0.06ltr

Chopped Onion- 0.035kg

Nutmeggrated- 0.001kg

ButterCubes- 0.030kg

Cream CheeseRiccotta- 0.025kg

Redchilly Juilene no seed- 0.002kg


1.Roast Pumpkin with a crushed garlic salt and little oil in a pan till it get light brown and milk and simmer for 10 minutes ,mash ad let it keep for cool.

2.Mix Semolina with Cold Mashed Pumpkin puree,egg,baking powder,Salt Cinnamon Powder ,cover with plastic cling film and keep it for 10 minutes.

3.Roll and cut in to small piesce 5-6 gms pcs and cook 5 minutes in boiling salted water drain and keep a side.

4. Heat a pan with butter Dry red chilly ,saute onion ,garlic and add cream let it boil add Cheese Mix well simmer cooked Gnochi with the sauce well and serve hot with Basil and Red chilly on top

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