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Green coffee Mousse



Dark compound- 100g

Golden Dust- Few. Drop

European flour Sponge- 20g

Cream- 50g

Sugar- 20g

Green Coffee Liquid- 5g

Agar agar- 10g

Condense Milk- 15g

Spiruline- 2 no.

Antemitiascoparia- Few. Drop

Violet- Few. Drop

Green Caviar- Few. Drop

White compound- 25g

Egg- 1 no.


For mould:

1. Melt chocolate by adding butter and ginger powder or ginger essence.

adding European flour

2. Temper it and make a mould.

For mousse:

1. Boil water and add agaragar.

2. Beat the egg yolk and sugar over hot water.

3. Wisk cream and mix with green coffee liquor.

4. Beat egg white and fold in green coffee mixture.

5. Add dissolved agar agar into mixture.

6. Mix green coffee mixture with yolk mixture.

7. Fill the mixture in pipping bag and stuffed in ginger chocolate mould.

8. Make a spoinge using european flour. Placing at the base of dessert.

1. Boil water and mix agar agar.

2. Take spiruline and mix with agar agar.

3. Mix well.

4. Fill in pipping bag and make a layer over the green coffee mousse.

Finish with:

1. Place green coffee mousse stable with white chocolate garnish.

2. Prepare base with ginger chocolate and chocolate crumb.

3. Give sound by adding antemiscoparia and violet.

4. Gave eye appearance with godarom green caviar and brush with golden dust.

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