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Raashika Kulshreshtha

Anvi Hospitality LLP

Raashika Kulshreshtha

Prasadam Bhojanam

Indian (Dessert)

Raashika Kulshreshtha

1Curd Whisk it well 0.05Kg




5TulsiTear it, for more flavor4Pcs

For Modak Tart

1BesanSeive it well0.05Kg



4Green Caramom0.001Kg

5Refined Flour0.03Kg


7Rawa Suji0.005Kg

8WaterFor kneading0.02Ltr

For Panjiri Gujiya

1AttaSeive it well0.01Kg

2Rawa Suji0.005Kg

3Ragi FlourSeive it well0.01Kg

4Bajra FlourSeive it well0.01Kg

5Jowar FlourSeive it well0.01Kg




9AlmondsFinely Chop0.002Kg

10RaisinsFinely Chop0.003Kg

8Refined Flour0.03Kg


10WaterFor kneading (use warm water)0.015Ltr

11Ghee (For Frying)140Kg

For Atta Rabdi



3Milk Full Cream0.25Ltr


5Green Caramom0.001Kg

For Boondi

1BesanSeive it well0.03Kg


3Icing SugarFor Dusting0.015

4Fresh Turemric0.01Kg

5Ghee (For Frying)100Kg

For Beetroot Dust

1Beetroot60 Degree C-3 hours in an oven250Kg

For Garnish



3Edible Flower0.002Kg


For Charnamrit Foam

1. Mix Well curd and milk, make sure no lumps are formed. Add other ingredients and allow it to set in refriegerator for minimum an hour.

2. Strain the mixture using fine strainer. Transfer the mixture to siphone and allow it to set for about 10-15 minutes.

For Modak Tart

1. For making Besan Modak, Pour some ghee on a pan and allow it to heat.

2. Sprinkle some green cardamom pods or powder to heated ghee, and add seived besan to it.

3. Allow it to roast on slow heat (Bhunna), making sure no lumps are formed, and at the same time besan is cooked completely.

4. Once done, allow the mixture to cool down and add sugar coarsely powdered to it. Apply some ghee on palm, and shape it in modak shape.

5. For Making Tart, Mix Refined flour, Atta, Suji and Ghee to form a crumby mixture. Once done, gradually add water and knead it well in order to make a soft dough. Allow the dough to rest in refrigerator for an hour.

6. Roll the dough into thin sheet, and line it on a tart mould. Make sure to apply oil and dust tart mould with some refined flour to avoid sticking of the dough.

7. Once lining of tart is done, clean the edges and put some weight on sheet so that it gets an appropriate shape. Bake it at 160 Degree Celcius for 7 Minutes.

8. Imediately remove it from the tart mould as it retains a proper shape and allow it to cool down.

For Panjiri Gujiya

1. In a pan, heat some ghee and roast atta, suji, jowar atta, bajra atta, ragi and sattu seperately.

2. Once everything is well roasted, mix it in a seperate, dry bowl. Add powdered sugar, and dry fruits to the mixture once it gets cool down.

3. For preparing gujiya dough, mix maida and ghee in a bowl and crumb it together to check the "Moin" or fatness in the dough.

4. Gradually add the required warm water and knead it into a soft dough. Allow the dough to rest for 10-15 minutes.

5. Once done, make small balls of dough and start rolling into thin sheets.

6 Take one sheet, place the mixture of panjiri in between and close it entactly using water to seal it properly.

7. Using hand movement, shape it in a gujiya form. Heat some ghee in a Kadhai.

8. Fry the gujiya on low temperature so that it gets well cooked, and gets a nice good golden brown color.

For Atta Rabdi

1. Heat some ghee in a pan. Add some green cardamom powder or pods.

2. Add atta to the pan, and mix it well, make sure no lumps are formed.

3. Allow it to roast on slow heat (Bhunna). Once done, gradually add milk to it and allow it to get cooked.

4. At this stage, lumps may form, so stir the mixture completely. Once done, add some sugar and mix well. At this time it will be thick rabdi that will be formed.

For Boondi

1. Mix Besan, Fresh turmeric juice, and water in a bowl. The mixture should be of flowing consistency.

2. In a Kadhai, heat some ghee. Using a "Boondi Jhara" pour the mixture on top of Kadhai so that one gets perfect round boondi.

3. Immediately, keep stirring once it gets half cooked, so that it gets cooked evenly. Pat- Dry it using a paper towel. Dust some Icing Sugar on it so that it gets a crispy texture and at the same time it gets sweetness.

For Beetroot Dust

1. Peel Beetroot and cut it into very thin slices. Place it on a Baking sheet and bake it at 60 Degree Celcius for 3 hours. Once can also use a dehyderator.

2. Once it gets dehyderaed completely, crush it or grind it using mixture. Store it in a dry place.

Final Plating

1. Pour Atta Rabdi at the edges of the plate. Place tart and gujiya on the centre of plate.

2. Place Modak on tart along with some dusted boondi. Dust some Beetroot Dust on top of it. Along with some edible flower. (Depicting similar to Diya)

3. Apply warq on Gujiya.

4. Using a siphone, pour the charnamrit mixture foam and garnish it with tulsi.

5. Serve it with lots of warmth, love and care.

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