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Romeo Chauhan

jw Marriott airocity

Romeo Chauhan

pollo all schitana Agnolotti with porcini butter sauce

Romeo Chauhan

chicken- 150gm

onion- 300gm

olive- 150gm

flour- 100gm

egg- 4no



tatmato paste- 300gram

chicken stock- 1litter

oil- 100ml


First we take chicken dredged with flour and brown the chicken in pan

in the same pan we put onions and cook till brown after we add olives and chicken

and tomato paste balance the stew with salt n pepper and keep aside

after cool down we pull down all the meat from bones and make a paste out of all

in mean while we take some European flour and smolina flour

salt oil and eggs together and make nice Dough

stuff chicken paste in square shape of pasta sheet called Agnolloti

served with porcini butter sauce

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