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International Institute of Culinary Arts


Orange Gnocchi with wholespice brown butter sauce



Potatoes- less startchy- 300gm

Orange Puree- boil oranges multiple times to ensure the puree is not bitter- 100gm

Egg- 1number

Parmesan Cheese- 100gm

Salt to taste

Whole Wheat Flour- use whole wheat to give a bite to the gnocchi- 375gm

Ricotta- 50gm

Unsalted Butter- 75gm

Almond- 30gm

Star Anise- 2number

Green Cardamom- 2 number

Cinnamon Stick- 1number


1. Prick your potatoes with fork and roast them at 220 C for 45-50 mins. Grate them once roasted and peeled.

2. To a blender or mixing bowl, add orange puree, egg and parmesan cheese. Mix until well combined.

3. Add the grated potatoes to the above mixture. Mix to combine.

4. Slowly add the whole wheat flour in batches to the mixture. Fold to incorporate. Knead and cover for 15 mins

5. Shape the mixture into logs and cut small 10 gm pieces to shape our gnocchi.

6. In a pan, dry roast all spices and add the butter. Cook until the butter browns and season with salt and orange zest.

7. In another pan, toast your peeled almond slivers and incorporate in some whipped ricotta. Reserve for garnish.

8. Boil your gnocchi in salted water until the gnocchi floats in the boiling water.

9. Toss your gnocchi in the whole spice brown butter sauce and adjust seasoning if necessary.

10. Serve hot

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