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Tanya Joshi

Fabrica by Chef Saby

Tanya Joshi

Ricotta gnocchi with apricot Jam


Tanya Joshi

EU fLour- 'Semola di grano duro' Highly recommended to use EU Flour- 0.065 kg

Ricotta cheese- 0.212kg

Egg yolks Preferebly orange yolks- 1nos

Pink Himalayan salt crushed well- to taste

Chunky apricot jam- 0.05kg

Cinnamon sugar - 0.015kg

Red chilies Locally available, mildly hot- 4nos

Basil- 5 to 6nos

Salted butter- 0.03kg


Station prep-

1. Clean the work station well.

2. Arrange all the ingredients as per the weight.


1. With a help of dough scraper, finely cream the ricotta cheese till it has no granules left. Granules will affect the airy texture of gnocchi.

2. Now, slowly incorporate egg yolks and whites and cream smoothly. Mixture will be semi-liquid yet very light and airy.

4. Next, start incorprating semola (EU Flour only) and add a pinch of fienly ground pink Himalayan salt , a spoon at a time and fold.

5. Depending on the texture of ricota and egg, flour quantity might change. Hence, don't add all at once.

6. The final dough should be sticky but firm. While rolling the dough, more flour would be incorporated, hence little sticky dough is okay.

7. PLEASE NOTE- EU FLour gives much better results, in terms of the final texture of the product. It absorbs the moisture yet doesn't make the dough heavy. The locally available refine flour or the finely ground semolina doesn't give the airy light texture as EU FLour. After many attempts of gnocchi, this is my personal observation. Can not imagine perfect gnocchi without this EU SEMOLA FLOUR.

8. N0w, once the dough is ready, let it rest for minimum 30 mts to let the semola absorb the moisture well. Dough well become more pliable aand easy to handle

9. Roll 20g of dough into a 3mm thick roundel (3'' diameter). Fill 10g of apricot jam (mine was chunky) and shape into 1/2 moon.

10. Now, boil water to 85 degrees (not rolling boiling) and carefully release the gnocchi. Take it out after 90s.

11. Coat them with olive oil. Repeat for 9 more gnocchis.

12. Now in a saucepan, heat salted butter and put hand broken red chilies and the gnocchis.

13. Flip them once they get golden brown from one side and add basil leaves.

14. Sprinkle some cinnamon sugar.

15. Serve hot, MAMA MIA!!

With the help of EU Semola, I could achieve firm yet super light texture of the gnocchi, as seen in the picture.

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